Ps. In the event that the Buyer attempts to transfer ownership to another party, the Seller will take the appropriate legal action to have the dog returned to us. Any and all expenses incurred by this action will be the sole responsibility of the buyer.

This guarantee is in accordance with Consumer Affairs Laws of the State of New Jersey. The terms and conditions of this Agreement have been read, understood, and agreed to on this______________day of____________, 2013 and will be considered to have taken place in Cumberland County, New Jersey. If any part of this contract is unenforceable by law, it shall not void the other conditions of the contract. Any legal proceedings regarding this contract will take place in Cumb

3027 Cedarville Road 

whose address is 
telephone number is (hereinafter referred to as the Buyers), and Carol McCaffrey, 3027 Cedarville Road, Millville, NJ 08332, telephone number 609-501-7480, (hereinafter referred to as the Seller, agree to the following terms and conditions with respect to the sale of a male/female Great Dane whelped the color/markings as described. 

Sire of said puppy (litter),                       , call name                The Dam of said puppy (litter) is PATRIOTS                                       ,     Call name , Summer 
The litter registration number for this puppy is __________________. 
The Sellers will provide proper AKC registration papers as soon as received from AKC or at time of sale. 

The purchase price of the puppy is $___________. This price assumes the puppy is being picked up at the New Jersey address of Patriot Danes.   We do not ship puppies.  

The puppy is guaranteed to be in good health upon delivery and to have received proper vaccinations according to age: to be free of internal and external parasites; and to be accompanied with kennel documentation of medical care. The Buyer agrees to take the puppy to Veterinarian for a health check within 5 days of receipt and report the result to the seller.   Proof of veterinary check by new owners must be provided to Seller or guarantee is void. 

The puppy is guaranteed to be free of genetic or hereditary health defects of a life threatening nature (as can be reasonably discovered at the time of purchase). These include hip dysplasia, cardiomyopathy and thyroid diseases. The Seller reserves the right to have a second veterinarian of his/her choosing evaluate the dog’s condition before the guarantee will be honored, except in the case of OFA evaluated hip x-rays. Only OFA failing hips will be honored. If the puppy is medically confirmed to have such a defect the Sellers will: 

A. Contagious/Infectious Disease: Refund the cost of veterinary expenses related to certifying and treating the puppy’s illness up to the price of the puppy for contagious/infectious disease diagnosed within the first 10 days after purchase, or the puppy may be returned for a full refund. 
B. Congenital/Hereditary: Refund the cost of the veterinary expenses related to certifying a congenital or hereditary defect for the first six months after purchase along with reimbursement for veterinary expenses related to treating the congenital or hereditary defect up to the purchase price of the puppy, or the puppy may be returned for a full refund.  Conditions that can be either inherited or environmental will not be covered under this contract. 

In the event of the death of a puppy due to a genetic defect the sellers will replace the puppy from the next available litter. 

Due to the high percentages of bloat in large breed dogs we are recommending that you discuss with your vet the possibility of tacking the stomach at the time of spay or neuter. Bloat is not covered under this contract nor is any illness believed to be related to overfeeding, high amounts of protein or over supplementation of vitamins and minerals. Also not covered in this contract are complications due to vaccinations and over vaccinating. Enclosed in your puppy packet is a vaccination protocol which should be followed. Please do not allow your veterinarian to administer more than one vaccination at a time. 

Due to the high cost of veterinary fees for large breed dogs, it is very strongly recommended that you purchase pet insurance for your Great Dane.  Upon sending in the AKC registration, you will receive a FREE two month trial period and can purchase the insurance for a small amount each month.  

Nuvet vitamin supplements are recommended for your great dane puppy.  Please do not use Pet Cal vitamins from your veterinarian as they are too high in calcium for great danes.  Nuvet vitamins can be order online at or by calling 800-474-7044 and using Order Code Number 94833.   

Recognizing the many disorders that have been linked to improper nutrition of the Great Dane puppy, the Buyer agrees NOT to feed any form of puppy food, as the protein level is too high for Giant Breed dogs. The Buyer further agrees to feed only top quality ADULT dog food with appropriate protein levels for Great Danes, see our link for Alpha Dog Foods on the front page. Any guarantee placed on this puppy will be voided in the event it is found that the puppy has been improperly fed. 

Any complications from ear cropping and taping are not covered under this contract. It is suggested that if you do not know how to properly tape ears that you have a veterinarian do it or an experienced breeder in your area.  We can sometimes assist in finding someone in your area that knows how to properly tape ears. 

Pet home puppies are sold with limited AKC registration, which guarantees that none of the puppies will be bred (as limited registration will not permit the registration of any litters resulting from the breeding of a dog sold with limited registration). These pups should be spayed/neutered within one year, one and a half years for males. If during this time, the Buyer expresses an interest in showing a limited registration puppy and follows through with the proper training and socialization: Patriot Danes can reissue full registration (after a determination that the puppy is indeed show quality, meeting the AKC conformation standards). If full registration is issued, any restrictions with regard to breeding and advertisement as noted under the Show Quality paragraph will apply: 

The fine for breeding a pet home puppy will be $2,000 per puppy delivered or sired. 

The Seller states that at the time of sale, the puppy appears to be of AKC conformation show quality. Due to the many factors that contribute to show potential of a dog, the Seller makes no other guarantees as to the quality of the puppy. The puppy will be co-owned with Patriot Danes and is to carry the Patriot Danes kennel name. Co-ownership is for the purpose of insuring proper breeding and so that the puppy can be shown in the bred-by exhibitor class. The puppy should be shown to best of ability following adequate training that should include conformation handling classes and socialization opportunities. If the purchased puppy is a bitch, all parties, including Patriot Danes, will agree upon first stud. Patriot Danes will reserve the right to one pick puppy from the first breeding. When advertised Patriot Danes will always be advertised as breeders. 
(shown to best of ability) This mean the dog will be actively shown in the ring. Actively means a minimum of 20 shows per year for a period of at least two years before determining that the dog should be retired from showing.   Should a buyer fail to follow through with show contract, pup reverts to pet home puppy and will require spay or neuter. 


In addition to those noted above: 

The Buyer agrees to provide space in a safe area adequate for the breed, to include a fenced yard. The puppy will live in the home as a family member and will be protected from the elements and dangerous situations that may jeopardize the health and well being of the puppy into adulthood. 

The Buyer understands that in the event that he/she is unable to keep this puppy, for any reason, it is to be returned to the Seller without compensation, to remain at the home of Patriot Danes for the rests of its life or to be placed in a suitable home of the Seller’s choosing. This clause is to avoid having our puppies end up in pounds, rescue situations, or abusive home

erland County, New Jersey.

Signed and agreed by:

Carol McCaffrey          Date