Many people ask why a great dane costs so much.  The following are some expenses that are incurred in the PROPER breeding of a litter.  This does not includes show expenses for the champion dogs used or feed or vet bills for the parents.  

Health testing for sire and dam          $2,000
Brucellosis testing and culture, antibiotic          $300
Stud Fee          $1,000 to $2,000
ultra sound          $100.00
C-section, often needed          $1200  to $3,000 depending on whether emergency clinic     
ear cropping          $$400 to $600 per puppy
shots and worming for pups          $300 to $500
dew claw removal          $200

esbilac formula                                $400

puppy food                                      $300

time off of work                               $1 to 2,000